Meet 15 year old Malik Steverson who is a Freshman in High School. Malik is very intelligent and loves making new friends. He is currently in ROTC and making great strides in becoming a great leader. Malik loves music a aspires to be a rapper that sends a positive message to the youth and to the world. His favorite sport is basketball and is even thinking about joining the team this year. Malik and his younger brother was recently adopted by their grandmother and YMT had the pleasure of being present to witness such a special occasion. Although this was a joyous event in his life, Malik has also had to overcome some difficult situations in his life at a very young age.  With all of the other issues going on, Malik was also a victim of bullying.

     You Matter Too along with some of our collaborative partners have rallied around Malik and his little brother Eli to let them know that they matter and we were going to help them to the best of our ability ,conquer their past by being present in their lives. 

     YMT took Malik to his very first professional basketball game to watch the Suns take on the Grizzlies. The highlight of that outing for Malik was getting the opportunity to meet International Dunk Champ Gary Smith. He had many questions for Gary and encouraged him to not let what happened to him when he was younger to get in the way of his dreams of being great and to never let anyone, especially bullies to keep him down. Malik and Eli also went to their very first professional baseball game with YMT. They also had a fun time during their photoshoot together, which was awesome to be a part of as well. 
Malik’s confidence and self-esteem grew tremendously after his photoshoot. You Matter Too vows to keep boosting not only Malik’s confidence and self-esteem, but will also do the same for Eli. You Matter Too is looking forward to seeing all of the great things that Malik and Eli will accomplish in life.

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