Meet 11 year old Sebastian Barrett who is currently in the 5th grade. Sebastian is a total sweet heart and very caring, especially about the earth and God’s amazing creations. Sebastian loves playing video games and having Nerf gun wars  He is one of the top in his class and has  received many awards for his academics and  outstanding leadership tendencies. Unfortunately, Sebastian was a victim of bullying from kindergarten to 3rd grade by the same bully.

   At one point Sebastian had even switched schools, but later returned back to the he was bullied at. Sebastian told You Matter Too that when he returned back to the school he decided to ignore the bully and he said that the bully finally left him alone. Sebastian gave some very wise advice  by saying that he would encourage others that were being bullied to make sure they told an adult that  they could trust to handle the situation. He even mentioned how bullying could effect the victim causing the victim to not follow their dreams. Sebastian also became part of the You Matter Too Project where he received a mini shopping spree, photo shoot, round of miniature golf at Castles n Coasters Amusement Park and went to the anti-bullying night with Phoenix Suns game.

  Sebastian vowed that he would never allow another bully to have power over him and he said that he would stand up for others at his school who are also being bullied. You Matter Too has also vowed to be there for Sebastian to help keep the awesome confidence he now has and to continue to build his self-esteem.  

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