Founded in 2017

     You Matter Too is a non-profit organization that started as an idea after noticing the rise of

suicide (bullycide) in kids as young as 7 years old because of being bullied. The You Matter Too

Team would like to reach kids who are victims of bullying before the thought of suicide crosses

their mind or before they can act upon the thought. You Matter Too’s plan is not to just give

curriculum or a phone number to kids, but we want to be present to show them that they are

important and that we truly care. You Matter Too’s goal is to make life long impacts in the lives

of each and every child that we come in contact with. The uniqueness about this organization is

that we are not only going to be going into schools, but we also want to do something a little

more special for kids that are chosen to take part in our project. This project will consist of a

student who is chosen that has been/being bullied who will be willing to share their story on

camera. There are many reality shows on television about topics such as teen pregnancy, drug

rehabilitation, etc., but there are no programs that bully victims or those who have self-esteem

issues could relate to. It is You Matter Too’s desire to make a change and give hope to kids who

have been hurt because THEY MATTER TOO!

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