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Zuri’s Circle (My Beautiful Circle) began as a simple dream that grew into a reality as Co-Founder Zuri Muhammad had ideas of how we could help a classmate in her school that was struggling with basic needs. Later Zuri would draw a picture that would become the logo we use to this day, creating the foundation for Zuri’s Circle.


Even though Zuri’s family was already doing things to give back in the community before she was even born, Zuri transformed the very way that we would impact homeless and families moving forward. With limited funding we began assisting homeless individuals providing them with water, hygiene and food to help ease the struggles they were dealing with on the streets. As we began to see so much need not just for homeless but for families our dedication to giving back, both on the streets and in the communities where we lived grew. We then started organizing in a way to help assist families that were struggling bringing to life our annual feed the community event.

Zuri’s Circle became a 501c3 officially in 2014 giving us the opportunity to connect with other nonprofits in the community and  the opportunity grow to provide programs for youth. Zuris Circle is work is aimed at helping homeless with their essential needs (water, food and clothing), assisting families and elderly with furniture, everyday essentials, school supplies, uniforms and food as needed, also by directing them to a database of other resources that can provide rent, medical, and dental assistance.  Our goal is to provide empowerment for youth, teens, and adults through activities, programs and interactive camps.

Zuri’s Circle is continuously Building on our dream, to help bring significant change to how we can help those in need and provide empowerment for youth and teens who lack resources or money through activities, programs and interactive camps to provide our youth with opportunities to experience and enjoy life.

Zuri's Circle is an organization that strives to be more than just a non-profit; we are future doctors, teachers, engineers, scientists and much more!


Zuri's Circle mission is to provide temporary assistance during unforeseen hardship to individuals, families, elderly and the homeless. Providing food, clothing, furniture, programs and other much needed resources,


Email: zuriscircle.mbc@gmail.com