You Matter Too is a minority-owned, woman-owned nonprofit organization mainly focused on helping children who are victims of bullying in the public schools of Maricopa County. We do this by invading elementary and middle schools in Maricopa County, identifying the bullied and the bullies through our unique resources, and intentionally providing customized interventions, with a focus on long-term, sustainable results. What makes our organization different is that we are able provide individualized programming and mentorships in addition to a school’s current bullying curriculum, and we can easily adapt to the needs of each particular school through relationships and collaborations.


Our target audience is elementary and middle school children, both the bullies and the bullied, in Maricopa County Public Schools.


You Matter Too focuses on improving and bringing awareness to elementary and middle school children in Maricopa County about bullying, mental health, and youth suicide.  You Matter Too has served 27 elementary and middle



The mission of You Matter Too (YMT), is to individually help the bullies and the bullied in Maricopa County through customized Programs and mentorships that show sincere love, celebrate life, and build self-esteem to withstand anyone who threatens their worth. YMT was birthed because it’s Founder became indignantly fed up with the senseless school shootings and youth suicides plaguing our nation, so the resounding goal of invading schools and neighborhoods with saying,

“You matter too!” is actually an offensive measure to, ultimately, save lives.