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    This is 11 year old Zuri Muhammad who is going into the 6th grade. Zuri is an amazing young lady who has a kind heart, cares for others. She loves art, creating, dance and soccer. Zuri wants to finish school early and her desire is to become a teacher and/ or doctor. Her favorite book is the 9th Ward and Black Panther is her favorite movie. Zuri is also the brain behind the non profit organization called Zuri's Circle whose mission is to feed the homeless as well as provide items for families who are struggling financially. I was introduced to Zuri last year at one of the Community Feed Events that her organization holds every year. Last year Zuri unfortunately became a victim of bullying. So you can imagine how hurt I was to learn of this. This once vibrant and outgoing young girl started isolating herself and lost her joy. Her mother started noticing that her hair was falling out and became concerned. Her mom asked her what was going on with her and Zuri admitted that she was being bullied by girls who she thought were her friends. Her mother notified You Matter Too and told us Zuri's story.

     Zuri then became part of the You Matter Too Project. To let Zuri know that we cared, we made sure that we supported her at her soccer games and school events. We took her on a mini shopping excursion where she mustered up the courage to participate in a fashion show held at the Justice for Girl's clothing store with other young girls. She had a blast!!! You Matter Too had a fun photoshoot day with Zuri and the girl is a natural! To see the confidence, self-esteem, and joy expressed in her photos was absolutely amazing. Zuri made the honor roll 3 times last school year and received an "Amazing Youth" award. Her organization Zuri's Circle was a 12 who care recipient and was featured on the news.From the little girl who wore hoodies to hide her face to being a social butterfly after her You Matter Too experience, I can't even begin to express how it feels knowing that we made a positive impact in her life. This is the mission of You Matter Too, to build self-esteem and confidence. To show victims of bullying that they are not alone, they are loved and they are needed. Our greatest mission is to end bullying worldwide and help bring love and compassion back into this dark world.

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